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Portable Toilet Rentals and Servicing

Calculating how many toilets you need
Where to place your toilets
How often will they need to be serviced
Where to place your toilets?

Toilets should be placed on level ground, where accessibility is easy for users, away from food but near water and where service truck has easy access.

How often will they need to be serviced?

Typically, toilets need to be serviced at least once a day. However, if the event is lengthy, then, it may require two cleanings.

Should I tie-down my toilets?

Tie a toilet down, whether using chains or rope is not recommended. The preferred method is to stake down a toilet. Stakes can be provided upon request at no extra charge to you.

What if something goes wrong with the toilet during an event?

You should call us immediately. We guarantee our toilets.

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